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As for the amount of binge watching we're doing, a Netflix survey found that 61 percent of users regularly watch between 2-6 episodes of a show in one sitting. A more recent study found that most ...

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Don't overthink this rule too much, but the general flow of your conversation as a man should follow the 2/1 rule—as it's been scientifically proven that women prefer men who are less responsive and find these men more attractive (Interdisciplinary Center, Israel).

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When a guy puts in effort to be polite AND works to please you, he might also start doing this next sign - Sign #5 Married dude wants you: He goes out of his way… When someone has romantic feelings for you, it is perfectly normal that this person wants to spend as much time with you as possible.Another way to tell if a guy like you but is trying not to show it is if you've ever been to his house and it's really, really clean and his room especially is extra tidy. Guys aren't naturally really clean people. If he's making an effort to be clean, he's showing that he likes you by trying to impress you - even if he's not ...

Another sign a man is into you can be found in the way he moves his body when he's around you. If his movements and hand gestures seem to be more overstated and exaggerated, this can be a sign he likes you.Specifically, by drawing attention to himself in a way that shows that he's powerful, sturdy, and takes up a lot of space, he's hoping to capture your interest and fully entice you."An immature man who lacks confidence." - Heather K. "Being a slob. I remember one time a guy I was hooking up with ordered drunk pizza, and proceeded to eat it out of the box while lying in bed. I was drunk too, but still disgusted…" - Athena L. "A man who is too full of themselves and is rude." - Shannon T.